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Dempster to skip 2014 season - Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox right-handed pitcher Ryan Dempster has informed the team that he does not intend to pitch in 2014. Dempster said he wasn't feeling right physically and wants to spend more time with his family, but stopped short of saying he was retiring from the game.

In 2013, his first season with the Red Sox, Dempster was 8-9 with an earned run average of 4.57 but he did take home a World Series title. If he never throws another pitch in the majors he still managed to last 16 years in the bigs.

Getting this information now isn't the best news for the Red Sox but at least they didn't trade a starter earlier in the offseason in the belief that they had six guys vying for five rotation slots. Also if the team believes they do need to go after another starter their is Waste Collection still plenty of talent left on the free agent market. Guys like Ubaldo Jimenez and Ervin Santana might be willing to take a one year deal and see if the market is better next year. The Red Sox could use the money they were going to pay Dempster and get one of these guys or use that cash to sign shortstop Stephen Drew.

This all could wind up being a blessing for the Red Sox if they make the right moves. Since Dempster's heart wasn't in the 2014 season then it is best he stays home and not just come and collect a paycheck. If nothing else Dempster just turned what was a quiet time for the Red Sox and made it much more interesting.

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